Located in Southeast Asia, just below Thailand, Malaysia is a popular destination for those who want to visit somewhere that has plenty to see and do. Boasting a cosmopolitan capital city, stunning beaches and amazing rainforests, this is a truly diverse country with lots to offer.

Here we share some of our tips for travelling around Malaysia which we hope will be helpful if you decide to travel there to discover it for yourself.

Clothes to pack for a trip to Malaysia

The weather in Malaysia is very humid with very little difference between the seasons, so with this in mind we suggest that you pack lightweight layers made from breathable material as although it will be hot outside it can be cold within air-conditioned restaurants and shopping centres.

Depending on when you travel you may also need a waterproof jacket and an umbrella as the monsoon seasons could see you getting very wet without them. On the east coast the monsoon season runs from November to mid-February and often gets so wet that going outside isn’t an option, whereas in the west it starts in April and ends in October but the rain isn’t as torrential.

If you are planning on visiting temples you will often need to dress modestly and cover your hair before you enter. For this reason, it is advised that you pack a couple of scarves, loose fitting trousers, or a sarong so you can carry these with you and easily put them on if needed.

Other items to take to Malaysia

In Malaysia they use three-pronged plugs which are the same as the ones used in the UK so it may be that you won’t need to pack a travel adapter, but don’t forget to take a good insect spray as you’ll be very grateful for this, especially if you are going to be exploring the rainforests.

The currency of Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit so ensure that you have at least some of this currency when you arrive in case you need to pay for a taxi or food when you get there.

Although Malaysia can be more expensive than some of the other popular destinations in Southeast Asia, you will find that it is still far cheaper than prices in the UK and if you spend your money wisely you could survive on as little as £30 per day.

How to get around Malaysia

Malaysia is very affordable to travel around and there are a number of public transport options to choose from. You will be able to hop on buses to and from the major cities, and local buses will take you to most other places that you may like to go.

There will also be the opportunity to get a taxi to your destination, but as these are unmetered you should always agree a fare before getting in. You aren’t required to tip in Malaysia so you will only need to pay the exact fare that is quoted for your journey.

Although many people in Malaysia speak English you may like to learn a few key phrases before you go so that you know you will be able to get around without an issue, and if you need to get a better understanding of any documentation or documents relating to business while you are there you might find that a translation agency will come in useful.

What to eat in Malaysia

There are loads of delicious dishes to choose from in Malaysia, and whether you opt for meals in restaurants or for some authentic street food you will not be disappointed.

One of Malaysia’s most popular dishes is Nasi Lamak which is rice soaked in coconut milk before being steamed. This can be either spicy or sweet and is often served with a variety of different meat and vegetable side orders.

It is possible that you have tried Satay before but you won’t find any better than you will in Malaysia. This dish consists of a chicken, pork or beef skewer covered in peanut sauce and then grilled which creates a really tasty treat.

Laksa is a noodle dish which contains a sauce, meat and vegetables and will be different everywhere that you try it. With so many different ways to cook this meal you could eat it every day during your trip and not get bored of it.

If you find that you love Malaysian food and want to try cooking some yourself a cooking course can be a really fun way to do this and you’ll learn some skills to take home with you too!

We hope that these tips for travelling around Malaysia will help you to have an amazing time and that you manage to see and do all of the things that are on your wish list.