With its attractive system of canals, rich past and lively cultural division, capital of Netherlands remains one of the most unique urban destinations in the world.The selection of things to do in Amsterdam in any weather is endless – so if you are visiting Amsterdam for a weekend or for a fortnight, here is an essential list of what to do when in Amsterdam with the best attractions and experiences that you cannot lose in this city.

  1. Explore the city with the I Amsterdam City Card

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  1. Get on the bike

In Amsterdam there are more than 800,000 bicycles. More bicycles than people! Riding a bicycle in Amsterdam is a way of life, and it is made even easier thanks to the unbeatable network of bicycle routes in the city and flat landscapes. Amsterdam often appears at the top of the list of cities most friendly to cyclists, and there is no better way to explore the city’s streets, its canals and attractions, than driving with the pedals. Riding a bicycle in Amsterdam is safe, fun and invigorating, so do not hesitate and join the locals by riding the bike. Discover more about how to ride a bike and rent a bike in Amsterdam.

  1. Lose yourself in the artistic Jordaan

Often referred to as the most charming neighborhood in Amsterdam, strolling through the Jordan is like traveling in time. What was once a working-class area, the narrow streets and picturesque buildings of the Jordan make up one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Amsterdam, full of independent art galleries, antique shops, courtyards with gardens and bars and restaurants with a fantastic atmosphere. Put aside the map and lose yourself in its labyrinth of alleyways that extend eastward from the Prinsengracht canal, which is known as the Nine Streets; one of Amsterdam’s most gratifying shopping experiences. Here you will find more than 200 retailers, including an exceptional selection of independent boutiques, vintage stores and specialty stores that sell all kinds of products, from designer dresses to handmade cosmetics.

  1. Immerse yourself in culture at the Museumplein

Home of the Rijksmuseum, the largest art and history museum in Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, the Museumplein is the beating cultural heart of Amsterdam. After its recent renovation, which has made it an international standard, the leafy nineteenth-century Oud-Zuid district is a utopia for any art lover, and the open plaza between buildings vibrates with activity throughout the day with exhibitions outdoors, markets and a large pond in which to dip your toes on the hottest days. And during the winter months, the square transforms into a large outdoor ice skating rink.