Believe it or not, have Britons participated in more than 12 million international trips during the past year alone, which marks a notable 14% increase from the figures reported in 2016.

In this regard, a recent study also found that UK citizens are demonstrating an increasing proclivity to engage in professionally guided sports holidays, primarily because these unique excursions are able to provide an unmatched vacation experience for people of all ages and backgrounds.

So if you happen to be interested in learning more about contemporary sports travel tours, feel free to utilise this brief article as a reference guide before you begin the planning process.

What Is a Sports Tour?

In its simplest sense, a sports tour is essentially a prearranged, guided trip that focuses on the most popular sporting events throughout the year, which makes it the ideal holiday option for fans of cricket, golf, and rugby in particular.

Thus, if you partner with a renowned sports travel agency, you’ll gain immediate access to a resourceful team of organisers that specialise in creating sports-based itineraries for solo travellers, couples, families, corporate groups, and even large school assemblies.

What Are the Most Sought-After Options?

Regardless of your specific penchants, preferences, or budgetary restrictions, you’ll have a chance to work hand-in-hand with a versatile travel professional to establish the perfect programme. Some of the most popular sporting events include the following:

  • Rugby World Cup 7’s
  • 2018 Ryder Cup
  • England Summer Tour to South Africa
  • Six Nations 2019
  • Formula 1 races
  • Golf packages
  • Tennis tournaments
  • Horse racing events
  • Professional swimming competitions
  • Cricket matches
  • Lacrosse
  • Cycling

In as little as one consultation with your travel expert, you’ll be able to ascertain the most prominent forthcoming sporting events and begin creating a tailored holiday plan.

What’s Included within My Booking?

To ensure a memorable, enriching experience, today’s top-rated sports travel organisations will arrange all of the following aspects of your journey:

  • Special access to all of the fixtures, competitions, and matches in your destination of choice.
  • Comprehensive lodging options and nightly accommodations throughout the duration of your holiday.
  • Airport transfers, site-to-site conveyance, and other pre-scheduled transportation necessities.
  • Site-specific outings, daytrips, museum tours, and unique events according to the inclinations of your travel group.
  • Visits with esteemed professional athletes and sports personalities, including popular rugby players, world-class cricket bowlers, former coaches, media commentators, and other venerated individuals, depending on the nature of your trip.
  • Dedicated tour guide to help you navigate the area in question and provide round-the-clock support during your excursion.

To put it plainly, you’ll be able to count on your travel agency to organise the entire holiday on your behalf and ensure a smooth, streamlined progression from start to finish, which allows you to truly immerse yourself in the holiday and enjoy your time abroad. So when it comes time to book your next getaway, be sure to contact a distinguished sports travel agency to help you facilitate a lively, unforgettable adventure.