Located in the heart of the most popular French wine region, Bordeaux is a beautiful port city full of wonders that need to be seen at least once in a lifetime. It is a surprising town that you can find in the south-west of France. If you plan to travel in that region, you can be sure to be enthralled by all of its assets. Here are the sites you have to visit while in Bordeaux.

The Bordeaux Vineyards

Bordeaux wine is recognized worldwide for its authentic taste and fineness. Travelling in Bordeaux without going through one of the vineyards of the region is inconceivable. The town is also the perfect city to gofor an initiation into the wine and some oenology courses. In terms of visits, you have the choice! Boats invite you for a wine tasting cruise, you can also opt for a Bordeaux wine tour if you want. In case you plan to travel by car, do not forget to visit the village of Saint-Emilion where you can taste the world’s greatest Grand Cru.


The Cité du Vin

The Cité du Vin is a Bordeaux exhibition areaaround the theme of fine wine. Inaugurated in 2016, it is often defined as the beacon for Bordeaux wine tourism. In 2017, there were about 450,000 visitors who pushed the door of this unique architecture. It reveals all the richness and the diversity of the world wine. National Geographic has even rankedit in 7th place among the best museums in the world. The Cité du Vinshows wine as a cultural, universal and living heritage. It offers a spectacular journey around the world, through the ages, in all cultures.

The Bay of Arcachon and the Île aux Oiseaux

Now that you have discovered the best of Bordeaux wine, it is time to find out the city’s other assets. This time, think about a nice cruise along the famous Bay of Arcachonand about visiting the small island in its center. The best season to go on a boat trip on this basin is summer.On board, you will be able to admire the huts built on stilts, the fishermen’s houses and oyster beds. If you have more time, end your day admiringthe sunset from the Dune of Pilat.

The Place de la Bourse’s Water Mirror

The Bordeaux water mirror isundoubtedly one of the greatest must-sees in town. Located on the Place de la Bourse, opposite the TroisGrâcesfountain, this space is both fun and entertaining. The water mirror is 130 meters long and 42 meters wide. Built in 2006, this wonder was designed by the architect Michel Corajou. Since then, it has always been the delight of international photographers in search of the perfect reflection.