If your upcoming paradise vacation is in Phuket, then you’re in for an absolutely incredible time, but most importantly, have you selected a hotel yet? Staying in Patong is a no-brainer, but what might be more difficult to decide is which hotel is the best. There are many different hotel options in Patong, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Follow this advice to select the best hotel for your dream vacation.

Family Friendly

If this vacation happens to be a family event, then what you’re looking for in a hotel is potentially very specific. You need a hotel that pleases every member of the family as well as offers you a relaxing, child-appropriate, pleasant ambiance. The last thing you want is for a hotel to lack a family-friendly atmosphere and overall welcoming environment for both young and old guests. The top hotel in the Patong area will offer something that makes the whole family happy, so, keep a lookout for a hotel that’s been given positive family-friendly reviews.

Services Offered

Of course, services like laundry and room service are a given, but it’s important to think about what other important services you desire. A top hotel in Phuket Patong will not only offer services that allow you to feel ultimate comfort, but it will also give you time to explore the beautiful paradise of Patong. For example, you should note that a high-quality hotel will offer services such as ocean-side pools, snorkeling, pool view rooms, a kid’s club, dining services, outdoor recreation, and even spa services!

Location Is Key

Since you’ve specifically chosen a tranquil, beach-side vacation, location is a factor that should be important. Patong offers a plethora of restaurants, hotels, and beaches, but you want the very best of them all and, therefore, keep your eyes peeled for a hotel with the most ideal location. Hotels that should catch your eye will be located right along the beach, directly opposite Patong Beach itself. Moreover, an ideal hotel will give you excellent nearby options for dining and shopping.

Promotions and Special Offers

You may be spending a pretty penny on your vacation, but that doesn’t mean your hotel shouldn’t offer you just a little bit more with your stay. While researching hotels, be sure to check what different hotels have to offer you in terms of special offers and promotions, because the top hotels will have incredible deals. Keep a lookout for special holiday offers, long-stay offers, unique dining specials, dining vouchers, and even points awards with specific rewards clubs you may be a part of. Special offers and promotions can not only save you a little cash, but also make your overall stay even better while you’re on your vacation.

Selecting Phuket as your dream travel or vacation destination is an easy choice, but selecting the best hotel might not be quite as easy. However, by following this well-researched advice, you’ll have an ideal hotel in no time at all. Enjoy your paradise beach vacation!