Penang is one of the places a touring couple can never hit a dead end looking for a hotel to have their good times. However, locating a family suited hotel can be a bit of a problem. This does not conclusively mean there is no family hotel in Penang Malaysia for those with small children, there exist quite exciting choices where these kinds of families will feel at home.

Families are the main focus, with a kid-friend setting and a beach. To ensure safety, the pools are overseenduring the day as children and grownups take part in ordered events or even use waterslides. You will notice that family hotel in Penang Malaysia has organized groups to take care of various activities such as staffed kids club that handles children between the age of 4-12. This group engages kids in such activities like art and craft, ancient Malaysian competitions and pool and film time. Teens are entertained bythe game lounge with video games as well as a pool table. Kid’s suites feature a kids sleeping quarters. In those rooms are dolls, play-stations, and books to keep them occupied and entertained when they don’t feel like taking rest at night or even during the day when their guardians have commitments.

family hotel in Penang Malaysia

Considering the range of choices available, the features are varied for the family hotel in Penang Malaysia. The golden sands resort is pretty a family friendly asset with both outdoor and indoor entertainment for kids regardless of their age. The resort has a neighboring facility where people can go to enjoy services such as sanatorium and golf course. Noticeably, the accommodation serves well considering the size of the rooms that have perfectly fitted balconies. Needles to state children-friendly facilities involve managed activities.

Parkroyal Penang resort includes a large count of rooms and a four gem beachfront guesthouse.The family-friendly factors are youngsters’ club, waterslides, and open-air pools. Additionally, there a number of restaurants and live entertainment to keep the guess in good spirit right from the moment they step in.Sunway family hotel in Penang Malaysia is a perfect family-suited choice considering its offering and strategic location close to the north-south and east-west highways intersection, a few miles from the international airport. The hotel is also perfect chiefly for tourists and corporate executives who want to get to the UNESCO world heritage spot among other touring places in Penang. Moreover, for those looking to hold meetings and conferences, such services are running skillfully considering the presence of a facility to hold meetings and dinner.Sunway seems to include a couple of attractions that will keep a family entertained and want to extend the visit to Penang. Penang Bird Park is a home to numerable bird’s classes. The sight of a collection of birds flying around, walking and making sounds makes you want to spend the entire time in the park, to feel the beauty spiced by the attractive flora in the vicinity.For those that love nature, Mengkuang dam has a perfectly shaped lawn with animals, pine trees and rubber. Fitness buffs around the dam host leisure and sporting events.