Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s most popular islands. It offers sandy beaches, amazing snake park, wonderful Big Buddha shrine, Samui Aquarium, and hundreds of other tourist attractions. The island is perfect destination for tourists who wish to enjoy beach life combined with water sports, and certain adventure sports. Let’s take a look at two of the best tourist attractions from this island.

Island’s snake farm

After enjoying historical monuments and beach life, if you are looking for something thrilling, Samui snake farm can prove to be the best option for you and your family. The farm is home to some of the most fearsome creatures in Thailand.

The farm organizes daily shows in which snakes display their fighting skills in-front of the visitors. From giant pythons, to king cobras, you can look at hundreds of snakes while eating snacks. Those long snakes would definitely remind you about the famous movie- Anaconda.

Out of around 170 snakes found in various parts of Thailand, only 50 are venomous. Snake farm’s specialists have knowledge about all the snakes from around the world, and they simply love to share their knowledge with visitors. The farm also has one section in which visitors are allowed to touch and hold certain non-venomous snakes. Kids would definitely enjoy this thrilling and educational experience of holding snake in their hands.

Do you wish to observe snakes’ defensive and striking moves? Do you wish to look at their sharp fangs, and the way they spit their venom? If so, you should reach the farm before 11AM and watch their snake charmers’ show between 11AM and 2PM every day. The snake charmers’ perform dangerous moves and tease snakes to make sure that the reptiles feel the danger and start attacking them. During the show, commentators explain everything about the snakes that are presented during the show.

The show starts with snake charmers and stunts performed by snakes followed by cock fighting. Snakes attract most of the attention, but there are cock fighting lovers as well. The cock fighting show is completely controlled and toned-down version. This is not as violent as the one shown in James Bond movie Casino Royale’s fictional city called Nambutu.

Cock fighting is followed by scorpion show. Then, last, but not the least, king cobra appears to show his dangerous moves and poses that can cause kids to wet their pants.

If snakes fail to impress you, Thailand’s traditional cock fighting will definitely bring smile on your face. The farm also organizes scorpion and centipede shows on a daily basis.

The snake farm, zoo is also home to several mongooses, lizards, crocodiles, and other exotic creatures. This farm made it in headlines when animal lover Kanchana Kaetkaew created world record and entered her name in the Guinness Book of World Records during 2008. She used this snake farm for her event in which she managed to keep scorpion in her mouth for two minutes.

Kanchana Kaetkaew and her husband Bunthawee Siengwong also perform during certain shows in the snake farm.

The butterfly garden

Samui Butterfly Garden is located in the southern part of the Koh Samui Island near the Natien Beach area. It is home to hundreds of rare butterflies, one bee-house, and insect museum. Before going to this place, make sure that your camera’s memory card has ample empty space. You would definitely click many pictures inside the garden that offers collection of hundreds of flowers as well.

Butterflies fly around in several of acres of open space that is covered with netting to protect them. There are ample number of red hibiscus flowers and sweet bananas that these butterflies can feed on.

Special attention has been given to cultivate butterfly friendly flowers like marigold, lipstick palm, Mexican creeper and blood flower, etc. Every week, several famous Lepidopterists from around the world visit this park to study butterflies and their behavior.

Travelling on Koh Samui Island is very easy; you can either rent a taxi, car, motorbike or bicycle to travel from one attraction to the other. The island is home to several family friendly restaurants, cafes, hotels and villas. If you are looking for luxury villas Samui, you should opt for Samui villa retreat. They offer several types of world class villas on rent.