One of the best and latest trends that we noticed now is the sudden rise in popularity when it comes to smoked meats. We can see that there are hundreds of barbecue joints that sprouted like wild mushrooms out there and as meat lovers, it would be pretty hard for us to find or choose the best ones out there.

Barbecue is a serious business, everyone who loves meat can become an instant critic to the flavor, smokiness, and the taste of its sauce simply because we have our own versions of barbecue that we want these joints to cook it the same way. In fact, there are various barbecue making competitions around the world vying who among them have the most heavenly-tasting barbecue out there.

There are different ways and techniques as well as recipes and sauces that are used according to tradition, and the cities when it comes to making barbecues and smoked meat that is why in this article, let us follow these useful steps in finding the tastiest, and the most authentic smoked meat and barbecue.


According to barbecue experts and the best Smokehouse Restaurant, ribs should be cooked with a crispy and caramelized exterior and very tender insides with the meat cooked with a pink tint that is finely textured in the entire slab of the rib. The meat should fall off the bone but not to the point that it is not tender anymore to chew because this is a sign of overcooking.  Ribs should be perfectly cooked that you can bite off a piece of the meat easily but not in a way that it will instantly separate from the bones because you are like eating a mashed meat in that case.


If you want to eat a rib which is perfectly cooked it should not look like a pulled pork once you take a bite, but in this case, pulled pork is the ones that spent most of its time being smoked so that it can easily be shredded into pieces and sandwiched in between your favorite buns. But still, barbecue experts say that the pork should still be tender and not mushy because will only make the pork lose its flavors rather than keeping it intact, and an overly soft pulled pork means it is a sign of being overcooked. A good pulled pork must be able to retain its entire flavor, its smokiness, and its spiciness.


Nothing beats a good smoked beef brisket. Since this is a premium kind of barbecue meat, it is quite challenging when it comes to its preparations. The cut of meat that a good brisket must have a grain of muscles that runs in two different directions which makes it require more time to be cooked to perfection. Since it is beef, it should be cooked for more than 10-hours probably 16 hours inside a smoke pit so that it will not become rubbery and tastes bland. A well-smoked brisket is very soft that the meat can melt in your mouth instantly without losing its smokiness and flavors just like what the Smokehouse Restaurant, Bar & Grill Melbourne serve to its customers.