Khajjiar which is famously known by the popular name ‘The Mini Switzerland of India’ is basically a heavenly hill station with mesmerizing views and surroundings. This hill station probably contributes as the best Honeymoon & romantic packages in India with exotic meadows, snow-capped mountains, adventurous forest, and stream-fed lake. Kajjiar is located in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh which attracts a large number of locals and tourist every year for the perfect gateway for their honeymoon.

There are flawless cascades and hillocks in the valley all around. These shocking undertakings make Dalhousie, An ideal cheap honeymoon & romantic packages in India for every honeymooner. This place is ideal for trekking, outdoors and outing. Separated of the picturesque excellence,

Things to see in Khajjiar

The hill station is basically a small town yet it has got an abundance of historical culture, tradition, adventurous wildlife, and picturesque nature amid the snow-capped mountains. Therefore, this place is worth of every penny under the honeymoon tour packages in India. Couple wanderers who are looking for loving honeymoons can go for this best-destined option to make it a memorable one in the abode of snow.

Now, let’s look at the things to see in Khajjiar:

  • Stream-Fed Khajjiar Lake

The Khajjiar Lake Situated in the midst of the saucer-molded verdant knolls and thick cedar backwoods, Khajjiar Lake is a beautiful honeymoon spot that is well-known among the tourists and locals every year. The feature of this spot is the drifting island, which is really a bundle of grass developing on the lake’s surface – an excellent incredible sight! Notwithstanding that, crowds of hikers plummet to the lake to get their adrenaline settle. From paragliding to zorbing, and also the impeccable horse ride there are a lot of recreational exercises in this picturesque slope town. If you are not being an adventure enthusiastic worry not as you can spend your time here relaxing all day seeing both picturesque sunset and sunrise from your hotel balcony and also from the hill-top mountain.

  • Khajji Nag Temple

The Khajji Nag Temple is a well-known temple among the people of Khajjiar which is devoted to Lord Shiva with many historical belief and traditions. This temple lies amidst the Khajjiar Lake and which built in the 12th century AD. The temple has got numerous in-depth history of Hindu-Mughal architecture, and the outlook has a gilded dome and intricate wood carvings. The temple holds the resemblance of Lord Shiva along with the powerful idol of goddess Hadimba. The place has also the trace of the ancient Kauravas and Pandavas with articulated picture images inside the temple.

  • Khajjiar Village

This village is a calm place with a serene background where you will find the locals engaged in handcrafted products like pottery, wooden jewellery, paintings, and other home decor items. The village has a snow-capped picturesque mountain at one side and lush green forest on the other side. In addition to this, they have apple orchard where the honeymoon couples get pictures with their tradition apple picking attire with silver oxidized jewellery. There are additionally comfortable homestays here in case you’re hoping to encounter the quiet existence of the mountains.Along these lines, the town has some top-notch perspectives of snow-loaded slopes and Mount Kailash.

  • KhajjiarAdventurous Wildlife

To get your natural life settle, make a beeline for the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to a wide assortment of wild creatures in the dense forest. In the wildlife sanctuary, you will discover numerous wild animals likedeer, Jackal, bear, Black Panther, langur, and many more. The majority of this untamed life is stuffed inside the pleasant scene spotted with thick deodar woodlands and little streams, which likewise make it an ideal area for trekking and nature strolls. If you are a trekking enthusiastic then you can’t afford to miss this place as it gives you the lush green forest on your way to trekking.

Accommodation and Fooding in Khajjiar

There are a few inns and resorts in Khajjiarwhich is highly affordable to afford under the honeymoon packages. Couples looking for a pocket-friendly accommodation in Khajjiar can go for Hotel Swiss Meadows, Shinning Star Resort, Hotel Mini Swiss, and much more. In case you’re searching for anextravagant accommodation then you can go for Parul, Deodar Manor, Cozy Swiss Meadows, and much others. For those hoping to encounter genuine Himachali cordiality, decide on homestays or guesthouses, for example, Forest Rest House, Gautam Guest House, and Ghar Resort. Additionally, there are likewise lodgings and houses kept running by Himachal Pradesh Tourism. The majority of the lodgings are kitted out with the best pleasantries and administrations. They likewise offer flavorful sustenance, including neighborhood delights and different cooking styles.

How to Reach Khajjiar

The closest air terminal is Kangra Airport, around 78 miles away, and the closest railroad station is Pathankot, roughly 58 miles from Khajjiar. You can take a transport or taxi whatever is left of the way. On the other hand, you can reach Dalhousie or Chamba through private or state-possessed transport and take a taxi whatever remains of the way. But it is highly recommendable for the travelers to avail train to reach here more conveniently in an easy way.