Useful Tips to Make Your Student Accommodation a Home Away from Home

You’re slowly getting over the anxiousness of waiting for your exam results, and you’re now planning for the day you’ll be moving to your student hall that you are going to use for college. Then, when you arrived at the student accommodation in Australia where you’ll be spending around half a decade of your life, you realised that it was not even a little bit similar to your room at home.

But, cheer up! There’s no need to worry. Besides, those students who have lived in a student accommodation felt the same, but were able to make it homely. So, read on to gather some practical tips for making your student residence more like your own room as well.

Making Your Personal Space Homely

Whether it is an entire apartment or your own room, there are things that you must consider. These include:


While most providers in Australia are dedicated to offering the best accommodation for students, it doesn’t mean that all they put in their facilities satisfy your taste, and these include pieces of furniture. Of course, some QUT accommodation landlords just simply place any furniture inside the shared accommodation unit that can be of fair use for the one who will be occupying it.

But for you who wants to overhaul the place to make it more homely, you can make some tweaks on what’s inside cheap student accommodation Brisbane. If you find an old shelf or couch that might be an unpleasant sight in your receiving area, then you might want to make use of colourful linens and throw pillows to give it a happy vibe.


You might be wondering what on earth a portrait could be doing on one side of the wall where it seems to be out of place. In this case, you might want to make changes to satisfy your requirements. For a great mind like yours, you can take the thing off the wall and make use of some wallpaper, posters, or small wall shelves that you prefer to complement the whole area.


Most student accommodations and halls are already provided with beds as a primary necessity for students. However, not all of them have a bedroom that feels like the one you have at home. If you have additional budget, you can buy water-based paint and do some repainting. Just be sure to enquire of the house rules before renovating. You can also walk around cheap shops for home stuff and buy some colourful fabrics to liven up the room.


Whether you like it or not, the most “welcoming” scene you could ever see as you step into one of the student rooms in your uni is the floor, which is most likely bare or matted. Aside from it being a permanent structure, there’s not a chance that it will be changed no matter how many times you complain. Be that as it may, you can still make it homely and lively by properly placing some colourful rugs or rubber mats, accentuating the entire floor. You can also make use of bean bags to make sitting on the floor more comfortable.

Communal Amenities

Whichever student accommodation Brisbane has that you choose, you are most likely to share communal spaces, like the kitchen, living area, baths, and toilets, with other student residents. To make the student housing Brisbane has now similar to a home, you can make use of rubber mats for the bathroom or toilet, a medium-size carpet for the living area, and some patterned and creative cutlery in the kitchen.

Personal Arrangements

If you want to add a personal touch to your student accommodation, you can make use of some scented candles or plants as air freshener and photos of your family and friends to cover the void on the wall, countertops, and dressers. You might also want to include some organisers that will remind you of your home.

Aside from those already mentioned, you can also put on some DIY creations to show off your personality all over your personal space. Of course, besides everything that you wish to put in your QUT student accommodation room just to feel at home and to keep homesickness at bay, remember that cleanliness and orderliness are still the best ways to keep your Brisbane accommodation room more homely.