Can’t you afford to spend the night in 5-star hotels? Or are you just trying too little? See how cleverly you can combine hotel promotions and enjoy luxury at a low cost. A week ago, I published the first part of the cheap travel podcast. Together with my guest – we said then that “it is much more difficult to get promotional prices budget hotel hk  for hotels than flights.

Where to find the best prices for hotels?

It is difficult to write a universal guide to optimize hotel costs. Some are just looking for the cheapest place to spend the night; others can’t imagine anything below the 5-star standard. I myself am not a fan of hostels. I like hotels, especially high-end ones. I don’t like (well – I can’t :)), but I pay too much for them, which is why I have always tried to find the best deals. Quite recently, I noticed that a room in a decent hotel often does not have to cost more than a bed in a dormitory. Well, two beds, because usually, the price of the room does not depend on whether one or two people sleep in it. In a word – I discovered hotel loyalty programs and the huge opportunities they create. But about it a little later, now I would like to introduce you to some of my methods for finding good hotel prices. At the end I will mention a fantastic promotion, i.e., a way for book hotel sheung wan(if not more) free nights even in luxury hotels.

Budget hotel hong kong central

Comparing prices from many sources

Always check prices in several different places. It is worth using comparison websites where prices from different booking sites are presented in one place. Also, do not forget about hotel suites, where discounts may appear that are not available on intermediary sites.

 Offers not available to everyone

Take advantage of discounts and hidden prices.  Often, however, the number of dates is limited when the price applies. There are usually more dates at HRS Deals, but only a few hotels at a time. You have to be flexible and always check the real profitability of discounts, i.e., compare the opportunity with prices on other websites.

There are also “members only” sites, such as the LMT Club. Membership alone costs $ 50, but there is a way to reduce this cost to zero. The prices on this page may not always knockdown, but they are really good. Often good hotels are cheaper than elsewhere, and sometimes the offers have breakfast included in the price, which often costs around PLN 100 per person. I’m not a big fan of group shopping anymore, despite the fact that the idea for my blog started and thanks to them I found out how much I like sushi.