Hotels may go through their downtime when the rooms stay empty and they generate no revenue. However it’s a no brainer that having offers and deals can get people flocking into your hotel again. Let us have a look at a few hotel promotion deals that a hotel can offer its customers to bring that big smile to them and a greater revenue to the hotels.

Reducing the tariff is not a good idea to bring in traffic as it will necessarily not help hotels with the occupancy. Sheung Wan hotel deals instead having timely promotions and offers can help the lull that a hotel can face at times.

Loyalty points

Giving loyalty bonus to retain customers is one such strategy. The customer gets points every time he stays at a hotel and gets to redeem them once a considerable amount of points have been accumulated. However what could be simpler and more appealing for a customer is he gets something free instead.

Buy one get two

The biggest and the most popular offer we hear of is the buy one get two , the buy two get three and so on. This mostly works with the mindset of the customers as an incentive and for a two night getaway an additional night is added to make use of the offer and have more fun. Not only does the customer like to stay for longer they also pay for the other facilities they use like the restaurant , the spa etc. This generates business and thus more revenue for the hotel.

Sheung Wan staycation

Personalized  offers

Even better are personalized offers that are customized especially for the customers. The customers feel special and exclusive. Not only do they value these kind of offers more they also become more loyal to the hotel.


More than often hotels are not the only ones who are trying to capitalize on their businesses. Fortunately there are other businesses wanting to flourish and do better. Hotels can take advantage of this and partner with them to generate more sales for themselves and for the partnering business. It also helps you with the marketing cost and gives you exposure to many different new businesses. One such example is to partner with a restaurant or a spa. They not only help you market your business better but also bring in the added bonus of attaching their name and fame to that of the hotel.

These are a few of the many ways a hotel can keep their business going strong.