Olu Deniz or also known by the locals as the Dead Sea, because of its very calm waters even during bad weather, or if translated it means Blue Lagoon. This small coastal town in the Southwest part of Turkey is known for its pristine beach which is situated at the conjunction point of the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas.

The sandy bay of Olu Deniz is considered a national nature reserve which prohibits constructing within and near the area. The place is very famous for its turquoise aquamarine waters and marine habitat. Tourists usually flock at the Blue Flag beach front. If you are looking for a last minute holiday deals to olu Deniz, this article might come in handy for you because listed down below are the best tourist destinations and activities that you can visit and do in Olu Deniz.

Perfect beach getaway

Also, Olu Deniz is not just famous for its pristine beaches and healthy marine life, it is also perfect for extreme sports activities such as paragliding. Olu Deniz is considered as the best place in the world for paragliding because of its unique panoramic views, stable weather condition, and the majestic Mount Babadag’s exceptional height.

Sports and recreation destination

It is also home to the International Multiday Trail Running UltraMarathon or the Lycian Way Ultramarathon which is attended by more than a hundred hardcore ultra-marathoners who runs for six days for 220 to 240 kilometers from Olu Deniz to Antalya. This adds to the paragliding sport that is happening in the area.

Olu Deniz

Scuba diving

Olu Deniz is also perfect for scuba diving opportunities because of its crystal clear waters and its rich underwater caves and fauna that makes it a perfect spot for scuba diving. It is pretty easy to arrange a scuba diving session there because there are local diving agencies that provide short courses and diving licenses and scuba tours in the area.

Boat tours

There are daily and regular boat tours that are going on around Olu Deniz and you can get the chance to visit the Gemile Island, the Butterfly Valley, and the Camel-beach and enjoy numerous water sports like jet skiing, water-skiing, banana boat, and wind-surfing, and other water sport activities that you can enjoy with your family or friends.

Jeep Safari Tours

Surprisingly, Olu Deniz has its own Jeep Safari Tours where you can visit and witness the historical sites as well as its lush flora and fauna environment. You can contact different touring companies and ask for a Jeep Safari Tour package. This kind of activity is perfect for those who love to go in an adventure and enjoy nature at the same time. You will get treated with the most iconic sites in Olu Deniz where you can get also a chance to go for a trekking session leading to the geographical sites that has a rich historical story behind it.

Delicious food

The Olu Deniz coastline has many restaurants that feature different Greek and Turkish food that you can dig in. Its nightlife is also bustling as numerous street pubs and bars will keep you up until dawn where you and your friends or family can enjoy. Olu Deniz is considered as one of the top destinations for many Turkish who wants to escape the bustling cities in Istanbul and Ankara.