One of the longest roads in the world in Sukhumvit Road. People love this street as it enables them to see and experience Thai culture up close. You won’t find a friendlier or more vibrant area than this exclusive enclave.

Visit the Unique Terminal Mall Styled After an Airport

Visit one of Bangkok’s most interesting themed malls by stopping in at Terminal Mall, a venue that hosts plenty in the way of restaurants, shops, and leisure activities. The different tiers of the mall present worldwide destinations. Besides being in Bangkok, you can also whisk away for the day to London, San Francisco, Paris, or Istanbul. See a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Eiffel Tower.

You can also find upscale and interesting shopping at the Emporium in Bangkok. Not only can you buy designer clothes and shoes to your heart’s content but you can enjoy a repast at one of the mall’s fine dining establishments. The Emporium also offers more affordable fare at its food court.

Stroll Past the Lively Markets

If you want to walk the Sukhumvit area, be sure to visit the lively markets, all of which regularly draw customers. Of course, this adventure will take you down Sukhumvit Road where you can see a wide array of items such as trinkets, souvenirs, clothing, and sunglasses.

Have a Suit Made If You Plan to Stay a While

If you are seeking to have a suit made, you have come to the right place. Sukhumvit’s tailoring services are next to none. If you plant to have a suit made, plan to spend about a week on its construction. You will need to have a number of fittings before the final product is produced. Doing so will ensure an ideal fit. Many of the tailors will perform fittings at your Sukhumvit hotel, which will save you from making return trips to the store.

Enjoy a Free Breakfast


When searching hotels in Sukhumvit, find a Sukhumvit hotel with free breakfast. That way, you can get the best deal on your luxury accommodation. It is easy to find a luxury hotel in Bangkok that offers freebies and is reasonable in price.

Sample the International Cuisine

If you choose to take advantage of the free breakfast, you can feast on some delicious breakfast entrees. You can also experience the restaurants offering international cuisine at night. Sukhumvit hosts a large number of eateries that serve cuisine from different places in the world. Whether you are hungry for Chinese, French, Italian, Indian, Japanese, or Mexican food, you will provide a number of delights to your taste buds.

Give Yourself Some Pampering

After you have eaten, you will want to visit the spa at your luxury hotel. Pamper yourself with a broad range of spa methods and therapies. Plan ahead and make a spa appointment so you won’t be disappointed.

When you visit Sukhumvit, you will find a bit of an urban paradise. For example, find some solace in Benchasiri Park, which is home to green spaces and fascinating sculptures. If you want to plan an adventure with a diversity of activities, you cannot leave Sukhumvit Road off your bucket list.