If you have never been to Pattaya in Thailand, you are in for a treat. This eastern Thai area next to the sea offers a number of memorable attractions. In fact, you can see culturally significant sights along with modern and impressive buildings. If you like variety, you will like booking a holiday here.

Walking Street

For instance, the sights of Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand are unlike anywhere else in the country. This street, located at the end of Beach Road, is closed to cars in the evening. It turns into a festive sight of neon lights and colors. If you want to immerse yourself in nighttime entertainment, you want to visit Walking Street.

The Sanctuary of Truth

During the day, you will want to visit the Sanctuary of Truth, a wooden structure made of teak that is as awe-inspiring as it is cultural. When you walk into the building, you instantly feel a calm wash over you. In fact, you experience a natural hush that seems to take over the structure. If you want to see a unique cultural structure, walking into the Sanctuary of Truth will meet with your goals.

The NongNooch Tropical Garden

Indeed, holidays in Pattaya, Thailand can be quite unique as you can see buildings, street scenes, and gardens that are unlike anything that you would experience at home. For instance, the NongNooch Tropical Garden features some of the most interesting flowers as well as creative topiary displays made up of bonsais, tropical palms, and cacti. The place display over 670 hybrid and indigenous species of orchids as well. Thai dancing, drumming, and boxing also are part of the displays.

The Floating Market

Another activity and attraction that you simply cannot miss in Pattaya, Thailand is the floating market. Both shops and stalls sell all kinds of items from postcards and souvenirs to clothing from boats and canoes. Other items are on display along a stilted village with bridges and walkways.

Big Buddha Hill

Big Buddha Hill is yet another place of interest. The Big Buddha that you see is the largest in the region. It can be seen for quite a distance as you enter the walkway to the Buddhist landmark. The Buddha watches over the nearby beaches from its hill where the shores are divided. Next to the Buddha sits a temple that allows for reflection, thanks to the scent of incense and variety of smaller statutes.

Water Amusements

If you visit Pattaya, you will find plenty in the way to amuse you with respect to water parks. In fact, this region is home to a number of water parks, including Thailand’s largest water park. Parks feature slides and dozens of rides as well as on-site restaurants.

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As you can see, there is plenty to see and do in Pattaya. Make it your home away from home for fun activities. Schedule a trip to this part of Thailand and get ready for one memorable, unique holiday. Not only will you spend a variety-filled time but you can also find accommodations that are first rate.