The second largest island in Thailand, Koh Samui boasts a number of amenities that are too inspiring to ignore. This palm-fringed oasis features rainforest plants, luxury resort, and even a tall gold Big Buddha statue. The statue is not actually located on Koh Samui, but on a tiny isle that is linked to the island. The statue sits next to the Wat PhraYai Temple.

Making the Most of a Tropical Island Vacation

Because of its island nature and beautiful vistas, finding an elegant beachfront hotel in Koh Samui is easy to do. Not only can you stay in the lap of luxury, you can also find a number of activities in various venues. For example, if you love water sports, you will not have to go far to find them when you arrive in this part of the world. You can also go on cruises or water tours. See dolphins leap merrily out of the water, or catch sight of interesting and colorful tropical fish.

Beautiful Mountains and Lush Vegetation

Many people who visit Koh Samui like to charter a boat and go fishing or simply sight-seeing. Indeed, there is a lot to see, given the islands mountains and lush vegetation. Whether you see it up-close or from a distance, you will be rewarded with breathtaking scenery.

Some of the popular beaches on the island include Thong Takhian Beach and Maenam Beach. You can also take a seven-island sunset tour or go on a tour that features dolphins. However, these are not just any dolphins, they are colored pink. In fact, these dolphins are extremely rare species and indigenous to Koh Samui waters. Tour operators guarantee that you will see these fascinating aquatic animals.

How About Snorkeling?

You can also snorkel or go on a discovery cruise on an old-fashioned sailing vessel. All these activities add to the excitement of vacationing in this part of Thailand. Would you like to go on safari? This activity is not limited to the African continent. It also is featured on Koh Sami.

Spotting Pink Dolphins and Going on Safari

Whether you take a day cruise, go pink dolphin spotting, or seek out adventure by taking a safari, you will find plenty to keep you entertained. You will also find that staying at a beachfront property can be a luxurious experience.

A Restful Retreat

After a day of adventuring, you will find this type of accommodation to be a nice and restful retreat. You simply could not ask more when it comes to holiday travel. Combining a jungle-like rainforest experience with today’s modern amenities will provide you with memories you simply cannot duplicate.

For example, hotel amenities include beautiful views from large balconies – balconies that even include a hammock, and a king-sized bedroom. You can also stay in touch on WiFi and enjoy electronic key card access. Universal sockets and USB charging points will ensure that you can connect with business associates, family, or friends.

Besides immersing yourself in soft sheets, you can also enjoy a shower with a rain shower head. Everything is done to make your stay more relaxing and meaningful.