You need to consider visiting RepúblicaDominicana if you want to spend a holiday experience with a combination of culture, history, good weather, adventure, water sports, and fun.

An excursion to this country is a pure experience, memorable and breathtaking for many. Visiting the entire Dominican Republic requires days to be completed. Some are of the opinion that a few weeks would not be enough to cover the entire country. The spectacular attractions in this exciting country take several weeks, to explore. However, time is a big constraint for many.

The Dominican Republic offers a range of tantalizing traditional recipes, including “crema de auyama” (pumpkin soup), “pescado con coco”, “mangú” (mashed plantain) and “tostones” (fried plantain). You have to taste these delicious dishes to believe it!

Relaxation, the sun, and beautiful beaches are just some of the endowments of Punta Cana Excursions. However, if you want to make the most of your visit here, Hacienda Park offers activities that will please even the most adventurous: horse riding, buggy rides, safaris, the only chairlift in the country, beautiful zip line; all in a well managed and magical environment together with the best security measures.

Some of the activities you will enjoy are:


This will give you goose bumps, you will have the real feeling of a free fall in one of the favorite attractions: our QUICK jump is an advanced and electrifying device for those who want to make a controlled but extremely fun jump. Its magnetic braking allows for a high-speed jump in only 20 meters.


Are you looking for an adrenaline rush? If so start up your engines and get ready for a unique driving experience with us: ride a buggy off-road trail that winds through the Dominican Forest and presents a series of adrenaline obstacles. Get ready because the adventure is waiting for you!


Our chairlift is the first construction ever made by European specialists in the Dominican Republic. During its 750m tour, you will enjoy the best view of the magnificent sugar cane plantations and the magnificent forests that are one of the main attractions of the region. Our objective is that you will enjoy an unforgettable experience and take the best photos of the emerald countryside while enjoying a magnificent view of the ocean!

HORSE Back Riding

A horseback ride in paradise may seem like a pipe dream, but we are turning this dream into a reality: experiencing the unique emotion of exploring the mountains, forests, rivers on a horseback.


There is no trip to the Dominican Republic that can be complete without having discovered the true essence of the island and there is no better way to take a trip to the heart of the Dominican Republic on our safari. Experience traditional Dominican life, coffee and cocoa farming in this must-see experience, the perfect way to experience flavors and tropical culture in one adventure!


Fly over an extraordinary landscape and enjoy the view on a 2km tour of pure adrenalin. Our zip line caters for 5 different sections and is a unique experience for safety measures and design: it was created specifically for The Hacienda and its jump to 160 meters offers the best experience … at around 70 km/h!

Come, pay a visit and enjoy Punta Cana in a variety of ways!