There are various kinds of white meat but there is one that stands out among all of them. This is none other but chicken. Many people love chicken because there are many recipes for preparing delicious chicken and everyone loves chicken prepared in a certain way.  You could bruise your chicken in soy, have it pan fried chicken in ginger, pepper or any other flavor or even deep fry it, you will always enjoy the chicken. The certainly known masters of chicken in Asia are the Koreans and they have many recipes for the chicken. They love it with beer and that’s exactly what you get at A whole fried chicken with different flavors and combo beer for you and your friends. Everyone in Korea loves chicken- children, young and the old all of them love chicken. That’s why you find many chicken and beer pubs in Korea a combination that is said to be cheeky and good for friends.  Some people love specific parts of chicken such as wings, breast, and drumstick and you will find them asking for a specific part of chicken prepared in certain flavor. We bring the Korean style to you at the Gamichicken where you have the opportunity to grab a glass of combo beer and a piece of delicious chicken- in Korea, they call it Chi-maek. A word derived from two words- chicken and maekju which means beer in Korea.

How do you love your chicken?

Do you love your chicken whole, flavored, boneless, original, or a mix of breast and drumstick fillet? If you have high affinity to any of these then Gami proudly brings it to you prepared in the best ways as the customers’ desires. These are approved 100% RSPCA chicken because the quality is more valued.


Because a whole chicken is much for an individual, the servings at Gamichicken are suggested for two. For a whole chicken favored, original, boneless, or vegetarian you will spend $34-$35 for 8-17 pieces. You can order your chicken or visit the gamichicken with your friends and enjoy the Fried chicken from there.

Various flavors that go well with the chicken meal

There are different flavors that make the chicken delicious. You can choose to coat the entire chicken with the flavor or dip in. some of the favored chicken you can have include

  • Original fried chicken with sweet chilly served with salad
  • Chicken with soy garlic served with a sauce of your choice and coleslaw salad.
  • Spicy chicken served with vegetable salad and marinated radish

Other chicken menus

There are other meals that incorporate chicken in the meal plan to make them appealing and tasty. You can choose to have these meals instead of pure chicken. Chicken burger and chicken platter are the most popular at Gamichicken. Visit to order your finger licking chicken with your friends. For lovers of beer, you can have the chicken with a cup of beer. With chicken and brewed tap beer on the same table, there is nothing more to ask. It is one of the cheekiest and interesting moments one can have with friends. If you thought chicken has no ribs, visit Gamichicken and have your fried chicken spare ribs dressed with apple and a green salad.