London is a leading destination for many people around the world who may be looking to expand their traveling experiences. The city hosts a large number of attractions for first-time visitors, and it is easy to get confused when attempting to schedule a fun day out and about the town.

Some activities are more popular than others, however, and some of the more widely suggested pastimes that are available include:

Bus Tours around the City

Tourists who would like a guided tour of the city can hop onto one of the famous London buses offering these services to their patrons at an affordable rate. Here an individual will be taken past the various attractions in the city with an experienced guide offering interesting information on the sites included in this foray, as well as answering any potential questions that might be raised by the passengers. Those who have recently arrived in the region and would like to go out for a little sightseeing before choosing a hotel can drop off their bags with a reliable storage service such as LuggageHero, who will store such suitcases for as long as needed at an attractive cost.

Boat Trip down the River Thames

People looking for a more scenic alternative of exploring the city can book a ride down the River Thames via one of the many boating services available. One can cruise down this famous waterway in style while enjoying delicious treats with their friends and family and absorbing the beautiful surroundings. Those who would prefer a more thrilling experience during their London vacation can opt for a speedboat ride down the river, with the fast action involved offering an unforgettable experience.

Witness the Changing of the Guard Ceremony

This transaction is one of the most popular activities available in the city and takes place every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 10:45 am depending on the weather. The ceremony is held in front of Buckingham Palace and involves a formal exchange of shifts between the old and the new guard. It is free to watch and takes about 45 minutes from start to finish, although the actual exchange takes place at 11:00 am.

Visit the Tower of London

History buffs can visit this famous location and have themselves regaled with tales of splendor and fascination by one of the iconic beefeaters that serve this facility. This is also where the world-renowned crown jewels are displayed, and individuals can get to see some of the best known precious stones firsthand.

Explore the Architectural History of St. Paul’s Cathedral

This famous building offers one of the best views of the city from its Golden Gallery, as well as additional attractions such as the Whispering Gallery, and its crypt filled with celebrated characters including the Duke of Wellington and Admiral Lord Nelson. Visitors can choose between virtual guides provided by their multimedia touch screen system, or a personal tour undertaken by a qualified member of their staff. Ticket prices are offered at lower rates for children, students, and senior citizens.