One of the most recent researches done on pizza concluded that Pizza is an addictive food item. However, I wonder whether pizza alone can be fun, without a drink on the sides which makes it Pizza and beer combo. The most beautiful and fun times are the moments spend with friends around a table with one or two of the best 5 Pizza and Beer Pairings. It is in such moments when incredible laughter is shared and a number of pizzas consumed.  During such times no one cares about cheese and calories as long as the HIIT sessions are still available around Victoria. Pizza and beer combo nights at Italian foods in Victoria, will provide you with the fabulous cheese taste and an ecstasy derived from beer. There is a normal combination that we all know about. This is cheese and wine combination and most people are used to it. However, as there is a match of wine and cheese, there are specific beers and pizzas which complement each other.  At Italian foods in Victoria, we help you enjoy the best matches of beer and pizza. Some of the best pizza –beer pairings that will light up your weekend night out with your friends include;

Pepperoni pizza and IPA beer combo

Pepperoni pizza is perceived as a classic pizza which is characterized by meat. If you are fond of peperoni or meat, then IPA beer which is Indian brand is the best compliment.  IPA is a bitter beer and the bitterness strikes a balance to the salty meat. IPA has high contents of alcohol content than Pale Ale and therefore will give you more ecstasy.

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Hawaiian Pizza and Fruit Ale beer

Hawaiian pizza is an exotic flavor which has won the hearts of many. Among the 5 Pizza and Beer Pairings, this combo is the best. It has subtle flavors which are pronounced when combined with Fruit Ale beer. Hawaiian pizza is characterized by pineapple and tomatoes toppings which are complemented by the elusive grapefruit, cherry or strawberry sweetness of fruit Ale beer. This Combo is a good choice to go for. Take a look atItalian food in Victoria for mouthwatering pizza beer combos.

Mushroom and Spinach pizza and Stout beer combo

For the lovers of vegetables, mushroom and spinach pizza becomes heavenly when combined with Stout. Stout beer is known for its milk and chocolate sweet flavors.Dry stouts are not as sweet as chocolate and milk flavored stouts and thus they don’t make a good beer and pizza combo. The chocolate and milk sweetness brings out an amazing flavor when combined with spinach and mushroom flavors.

Margherita- Pale Ale combo

Margherita is one of the simplest pizzas you will find in pizza inns. If this is your favorite pizza flavor, then you should try combing it with Pale Ale beer. The malt flavor of Ale is a perfect complement of the margherita pizza which has a toasty crust. The malt flavor also balances the tomatoes acidity in this pizza. Ale is a light beer which does not drown the elusive mozzarella flavor. Instead it brings it out more allowing you to enjoy the cheese as you should be.

Cheese and Wheat Ale

It could easily sound like every kind of beer would blend well with cheese pizza. This is wrong because a pie of cheese pizza blends so well with wheat beers or light beers. For the lovers of wheat beers you can now order cheese pizza pie and enjoy the combination of these two. Now you have 5 Pizza and Beer Pairings, you can choose and have fun as you enjoy such great flavor combinations.