An adventure on the hills of Tuscany gives the essence of freedom. Spend a week over here, fill your lungs with a fresh breeze, and see the greenery. Crisscross the region, visit the local towns and fortress. You not only see an awe-inspiring natural beauty but wine and dine with the finest of wine and delicious cuisines. While exploring the region, you get accustomed to local culture and tradition.

Guided tour

Tuscany offers many marvels, take a trip to Pisa, Siena and San Gimignano. An expert and experienced guide will lead you to the Gothic cathedral in Siena. After you view this wonderful architect, have a sumptuous three-course lunch with the finest of wine. Then take a leisurely stroll in the medieval in the cobbled streets of San Gimignano. A visit to Pisa allows you to see the famous leaning tower, which is in the UNESCO site. Local Tuscany dishes are delectable and taste some wines in a local winery. The picturesque village situated at a hilltop in San Gimignano will appeal to you.

Wine tasting tour

Tuscans wine country offers many delights, start from Florence, and travel through the stunning hillside roads dotted with olive thickets, Cyprus trees, and vineyards. Visit pinnacled wineries in this region of Chianti Classico. Over here, you can see how traditional wine is made and visit the cellars. Taste different types of wine with Tuscany specialty of fresh farm cheese and bruschetta. The tour takes along 4 hours, which is joyous and exciting when you pass through hillside roads.

A place to remember

Tuscany offers you all the pleasures and delights: art, history, countryside, and food. A day in Florence is essential to understand the deep-rooted culture and tradition of Tuscany. In the Accademia gallery, you can see the world-famous Michelangelo`s David. Stare in wonder at the red dome of Il Duomo Florence cathedral. The streets have many histories that will be shared by the guide. The guides who accompany you give many facts and information about the historical place and can speak fluent English. David was created by maestro Michelangelo in 1501. The statue is 14 ft in height. The sculpture is made from white marble, and the sculptor was only 26 years old.

Discover the iconic monuments in Florence. Take photos of the famous leaning tower, Piazza Dei Miracoli in Pisa, and wander in the streets of UNESCO listed town of San Gimignano. Enjoy the traditional delicious Tuscany lunch with wine. It is one of the best tours of Tuscany.