If you visit the Sathorn neighborhood during a Bangkok vacation, you will love the experience. Therefore, make sure that you plan to stay in this trendy and versatile community. Sathorn stretches from the Chao Phraya River in the city all the way to beautiful Lumpini Park.

Add to the Pleasure of Your Sathorn Stay

By booking a hotel with pool in Sathorn, you will only add to the pleasure of a Sathorn, Bangkok stay. Sathorn is home to some of the finest restaurants and trendiest hotels in Thailand. You will also find upmarket buildings that rent serviced apartments for longer stays.

What is nice about staying in Sathorn is that it is located close to the popular Bangkok Skytrain (BTS) lines. This mode of transport runs through Sathorn and features stations in SaphanTaksin and Surasak. When you stay in a hotel that features a pool, you are also doing yourself a big favor.

Pool On A Sathorn

Do You Want to Swim or Relax?

You can use the pool almost every day for exercise or simply relax by its silent, gentle waves. Use the pool’s hotel to help you unwind or burn extra calories from tempting desserts. Some of the most popular attractions in this neighborhood include Lumpini Park and the Park Society Sofitel Rooftop.

Follow the Hotel’s Etiquette for Using the Pool

Once you get situated in your Sathorn hotel, you definitely will have to check out the pool. You should also follow good hotel etiquette when visiting or sitting poolside. Never claim a lounge chair if you don’t plan to use it after you retrieve it. That is against the hotel pool etiquette rules. For instance, you don’t want to take over a lounge chair and leave your bag or magazine beside it while you leave to get a repast.

Show the Proper Respect When Using Your Mobile Phone

This form of behavior is considered rude as others may be waiting to use the chair. Some properties in Sathorn post rules to prevent this type of poor behavior. You may also want to know more about using your cell phone when relaxing at a Sathorn hotel pool. According to etiquette gurus, you can talk on the phone as long as you do so in a soft, low voice. Just don’t share confidential details or say something that could hurt someone’s feelings.

Don’t Get Carried Away at the Poolside Bar

If you go to a trendy hotel bar where they serve libations, make sure that you imbibe conservatively. Don’t have one drink after another, not thinking about the amount. Because alcohol and a hot day usually do not mix well, it is better to drink flavored water to stay refreshed and level-headed.

Keep the Alcohol Out of the Pool

When you are drinking libations, keep the alcohol out of the swimming pool. In other words, don’t bring the beverage into the water with you. While it is okay to sit at the edge of the pool and drink, jumping into the pool with a drink could spell disaster. Watch your kids and don’t expect others to look after them. Mind your manners and they will look after you.