If you are an experienced RV traveler or planning your first trip, there are things you must do before you hit the road.

This is the same thing I would do if I planned to go to a beach hotel and stay there … although there are some differences.

The fact is that if you ever spent time away from home on vacation, no matter where these holidays took place, you already KNOW a lot of things to do to make your vacation go smoothly, without unnecessary or unwanted problems or distractions factors. , and inconvenience

To achieve the goal of a carefree and carefree vacation, especially a trip to a motor home, you must create a complete packing list and make sure that you don’t miss anything from the list you created.

Create a packing list before you go and follow it

As an experienced traveler, someone who has rested in the past knows that there are many things you can take with you … items that can be difficult to buy at any or all destinations in your travel itinerary. then:

Your Disney packing list will have two parts: the things you need for yourself and the things your RV needs. Common sense should dictate, but the reason for making the list is that before you or anyone else goes on vacation, your nerves and emotions forget too easily to pack the things you need. To avoid these omissions, make a list and follow it.

This is what you need. On the left side of your blank sheet, write the name as follows …

  • For my RV … (1) Fill all propane cylinders … (2) Charge the battery … (3) Chemical toilet bag (needed to keep your RV toilet clean and hygienic) … (4 ) Check the tire Press and inflate the air to the tires, if necessary, now … (5) Pack the hoses and cables – electricity, water, sewage, etc. – All this is very important, of course … (6) Assemble the tools to repair and service your van while on the go. These are all important things you must do to ensure a great trip or vacation. Do not forget any of this.
  • For you … (1) Do not forget to take your wallet or wallet … for obvious reasons … (2) Put your debit / credit cards in your wallet or wallet (also for obvious reasons) … (3 ) Pack your medicines, especially prescription drugs … (4) Pack the maps and written instructions for your trip … (5) Put your RV Park reservations in an envelope and mark them so you remember to bring … (6) Pack toilet paper and trash bags … (7) Carry a flashlight (you may need it in an emergency) … (8) Pack an ode do, including undergarments (including a lot of changes .. (You can not wear too many clothes on your trip) … (9) Bring your personal toiletries … and bring a lot more.