There are many types of travellers traversing their way around the planet. The ways in which we can travel can be a wide spectrum from sleeping on dirt floors in Katmandu to luxury mattresses hanging off the sides of cliffs with the most expensive caviar waiting for you to arrive. The adrenaline rush traveller is a particular breed of an adventure-seeking that chemical rush of the unexpected and unknown. As with any type of travel, the chase for adrenaline has a curated list to get the most out of any trip. Of course, different activities excite different amounts of blood pumping epinephrine.

Prevention, Preparedness, Safety

Successful adventure while travelling is only allotted when safety and preparedness are prioritized. The feeling of risk is always at hand but the practicality of imminent threats have been scrutinized and addressed. Basic survival tactics have been addressed and any predictable danger has been planned for. For those adventurers who love off-roading and cross country or continental driving, there are many obvious ways to be prepared for expected mechanical mishaps.

If you were to take off in a two-wheel drive car knowing you will be trekking off-road over treacherous dirt ways, instead of adventure you might be putting yourself and everyone else in a compromising situation. Off-roading is a great adrenaline rush because of the rough terrain and needs to be highly vigilant to changing conditions. You are not only dealing with the human body and what it can handle but are also responsible for handling a machine. Making sure the vehicle is in good condition and prepared for the actual environment you are going to encounter. A common mistake made with first-time off-roaders is having the right kind of tires and maintenance. Online Tyre sales can be a good resource for what you should have available on your particular off-roading adventure. Ultimate adventure brings people to the brink but also brings them home safely.

Before Traveling Planning

Before you begin basic planning can be your greatest act. Familiarizing yourself with potential and alternative routes, how you are going to navigate while travelling, and how you are going to provide shelter, nourishment, and other basic survival conditions. Knowing if you need to be familiar with the local politics or culture in order to traverse into certain territories, and knowing where you have permission to be and where risk-taking begins. It is also important to know the people you are heading into adventure with. Knowing everyone’s gifts and talents along with breaking points can either heighten pushing the adrenaline edge or ensuing disaster.

Going into an unknown situation you will want to think about lines of communication and obtaining outside help if necessary. Being able to contact local emergency agencies or simply sending out a signal of your whereabouts can be the exact backup you need to enjoy the most of your travelling. Always have resources from others who know more than you. Most likely there are others who have traversed the same path you are starting. Read stories, and if possible have someone who knows more than you as your companion. Which brings us to the number one travel/adventure fact.

Have Fun! Is there any other reason to get out there and explore something new, put yourself in risky situations, or push past fears than heading out on an adventure. Following basic guidelines and having a loose structure for your itinerary can be the difference between an adrenaline rush and a rush to the hospital. Endurance for adventure is only built with experience. Don’t go cliff jumping if you haven’t left your home town before. Being smart, prepared, and realistic will only lead to more and more adventure.

Levels of Adventure 

Adventure is usually defined encompassing the acceptance of the unknown. Successful adventure is a fine line between a structure of preparedness mixed with the known that you will always encounter that which you cannot predict. It becomes about how you deal in the moment rather than the completion of an outcome. Every location and environment have a particular variety of adventure depending on its environment. Australia is no exception. A vast country with many different areas of habitat lends to a continent full of adventure. For some sleeping in a different bed and having a different view can be the adventure they seek. For others, the level of danger and risk is what creates the environment for great adventure. There is also the seeker who wants to contend with what few have thought or encountered. Climbing excessively high mountain peaks at below freezing temperatures, or trekking through territory that outsiders usually don’t encounter have a higher risk because there are not that many stories to build predictability of safety. The more unpredictable the situation the higher chances of blood pumping adrenaline