Until recently, travelers wishing to go to Australia had to make heavy visa applications beforehand. Of course, that took a lot of time and was quite complicated. But currently, ETA or eVisitor are mandatory electronic visas that visitors can obtain under certain conditions. Getting one of themallowsthem to organize a trip more easily. With a 100% online procedure, a faster and more reliable response, those two types of visa are simpler to obtain.So which one to choose? This article will certainly help you make the right decision.

Focus on the Electronic Travel Authority or ETA Australia

This type of visa is reserved for nationals of certain countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, France and other more. It greatly facilitates the obligatory administrative procedures. You can obtain thisvisa for Australiavia a simple online application, by filling a simple form in which you will have to answer a number of questions. You will also be asked to enter your passport number and personal data like your email address and credit card. You will receive the answer by email in a few hoursordays.

The ETA Australia is for tourists and visitors with professional purposes. It can be a business or a study trip. It permits them to travel in Australia as many time as they like for the next 12 months. But each stay should not be longer than 3 months. You will not have to go out of your house to apply for this visa. As far as the ETA australia price is concerned, every applicant has to pay € 49 for their application to be validated.

What is eVisitor Visa for Australia?

The eVisitor visa closely resembles the previous option with an online application put in place by the Australian government. It is much older than the ETA visa but generally works the same way. It is also valid for one year for stays of less than 3 months with a purpose about tourism, business or studies and internships. It cannot be used for work either.

Note that even if the Australian ETA visa and the eVisitor have several similarities, the first one has advantages over the second alternative. For instance,the response time of the application is shorter and the procedures to be carried out online are way simpler. We recommend you to opt for an ETA visa for your next trip in Australia.