If you have never been to Laos, you should visit Vientiane City first. The capitol offers an interesting historical and cultural setting—one where Buddhist temples mix with French-colonial buildings. You can see the Pha That Luang there, constructed in the 16th century and make a national symbol of the country.

Notable Shrines and Temples

In fact, you will see plenty of notable shrines on your trip to this inviting Asian location. Many Buddhist temples abound, which will engage your interests and your time. Hotels in Vientiane City Center are also notable, as they are luxurious and affordable. This is a good place to base yourself while you are visiting the capitol. Whether you are traveling on business or pleasure, this is the place to stay.

When you stay in one of the hotels in the City Center location, you can more easily go exploring by foot. You will find that many of the streets are both beautiful and quiet. Therefore, many people like to get up early and make their discoveries. Both nature and the business of the city make the city inviting and unique.

You will also find that the city is safer than the capitol in Western countries. You very rarely hear about incidents of violence or assault. That does not mean you should not be careful. However, it makes it easier to walk around town and explore the various interesting attractions.

The aforementioned Pha That Luang is a gold-covered Buddhist stupa that is in the City Center. It is an amazing architectural structure. This sacred monument is considered one of the most impressive religious buildings in the capitol and the country. That is why you want to stay near the attraction. You will enjoy strolling outside the building on the green and manicured grounds.

Visiting the Pha That Luang Stupa

The current structure was constructed by Laos’s king in 1566 right after Vientiane was named the capitol of the country. A statue of the king, King Setthathirat, sits in front of the main entry of the building. The building is not covered in a material that looks like gold. It is actually covered in real gold.

If you visit Vientiane in October and November, you can take part in the That Luang Festival, which commemorates the landmark building. You can participate in parades and watch religious ceremonies and traditional entertainment. From the main city center, you can reach the religious temple by walking, cycling, or by tuktuk. You can easily rent a bike at most guest houses in the capitol.

Once you visit the temple, you will want to keep exploring. That is why staying at a hotel close to the major and iconic building is necessary. This is a great way to see Laos, and do so affordably. When you are close to major attractions and the streets are quiet and peaceful, it can be a real joy to make new discoveries.

When would you like to go to Laos? If you want to go during a quiet time, choose the spring season. Wherever you go, you will be greeted by friendly people and a city that is both peaceful and inviting.