Travelling is the cure of mind and makes one modest. You can realize through traveling the world, what a tiny place you occupy in it. Islands have been always the best place for travel and its mystery attracted people. Pontine islands are one of them and you can definitely enjoy the beauty of nature. These islands carry the greatest mystery and history of Rome. This archipelago is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea of the west coast of Italy and named after the largest Island group, Ponza. The other islands of this archipelago are separated into two groups, in northwest reign contains Palmarola, Zannone, Gavi and to the southeast Ventotene, Santo Stefano.

A brief overview of Pontine Islands

Now here comes the mesmerizing things one can experience in the Pontine Islands. Its stunning natural scenery, crystal clear blue water, cozy beach bars will make you feel out of the world. And here comes another best part, if you are a foodie you are going to love this place. This place will offer you great seafood at affordable prices. These have become the jewels of the Pontine Islands, and turned it into the “Pearls of the Mediterranean”.

If you are planning a trip for a weekend you should definitely choose this place. You can visit all five isle in a weekend. Ponza and Ventotene are the larger two and lively and inhabited during the whole year. Only the summer brings life to Palmarola. If you are into the wilderness, Santo Stefano and Zannone these two desert isles is for you.

Its mild climate is suitable for everyone. The attractive villages and its colorful houses will make your mind cheerful. You can find here a variety of coastlines and joyful ports in pure Mediterranean style. Sailing in Pontine Islands is the best way to enjoy its beautiful nature.


Ponza is covered nine square kilometers area and is the main isle. It is a moony shaped isle, surrounded with amazing of sea grottos, luscious beaches, and white granite rocks and pirates caves. Scuba divers still search here for the hidden treasures. You are going to bump here with famous football players and royals. You will also find here fancy boutiques which will be so alluring to resist the sea lifestyle. This place is also replete with Roman history. This is one of the best places for exploring along with enjoyment.


It’s the Second largest isle with narrow spaces and deep waters. It has the amazing marine reserve and car-free. Comparing to Ponza it’s very painstaking and humble. In Italy, it’s the greatest place for scuba diving. You can enjoy the last rays of the evening on the volcanic rocks from the lighthouse.  Traditional village food will fulfill your tour.

Santo Stefano

It’s the tiniest of the Pontines with a jet-black rock. Today this isle is uninhabited but it has a dark history of thousands of prisoners who were jailed and tortured here. You can feel the shivers flowing down the spine once you step on the rusty cells of the horse shaped prison fortress. You can walk uphill and from the top, the view of Mount Vesuvius mesmerizing.


It’s the crowning stroke with pink coral beaches, shores are full of pebble stones and sea stacks. The mystical allure of the sky-high Cathedrals which is covered in humbled palms will give you the most heavenly feelings ever.


This is the furthest isle from Ponza and mostly abandoned by the tourists who come to short visits on the Pontines. It has the different scenario from the other isles. Green water, darker wilder and reddish rocks make the place more mysterious. Though there is nothing, not even a bar but its isolation always attracted people.