Honestly, it is far too easy to overpack when you are going for a holiday. Especially a short one. This is why it is so important to have a checklist that you can refer back to when you are packing for your vacation.

Bring only what you need to so that you will have more luggage space for anything that you plan to bring back home afterwards.

Here are eight items that you should always bring for your short vacations.


Have at least a few sets of underwear and lingerie that you can change into to feel fresher after a shower. This is a given, really – more of a hygienic reminder rather than an optional item to bring along.

Bring at least one set for each day that you will be away. You will not need to be wearing three sets in a single day.

Extra Pair of Shoes

If you know that you will be heading to the beach, bring a pair of thongs with you. Alternatively, if you are planning doing some bush walking, take a comfortable pair of shoes to change into after being in your walking boots all day.

To avoid excess weight, if you are taking heavy or women’s western boots, wear them for the plane trip.

Tech Supplies

You cannot go anywhere without power banks, phone chargers and more these days. Be sure to charge your power banks before you bring leaving for your vacation.

Check if you need to bring plug adaptors along where you are headed too. Cheaper to buy adaptors before you go and ensure you hvae the right one. Different countries have different requirements.

If you are travelling as a family, having an extension cord will allow everyone to charge their devices at night.

Jackets or Cardigans

Be sure to have at least an outer garment with you. Aside from being fashionable, you will thank yourself for having jackets and cardigans around when it starts to get cold at night, even in the summer.

At the very least, you can cover yourself when your flight starts to get too cold.

Thermos Bottle

Do not forget your thermos. Whether you are looking to keep your water cold or hot, thermos bottles will get the job done. So, whatever your destination, you will have your water at just the right temperature.

Just be sure to empty the bottle before you check-in for your flight.

Medicine and Pills

It will not hurt to have a few extra aspirin tablets with you during your trip. If you are on any antibiotics or pills, you should also bring them along so that you can finish your prescription. The same case applies to asthma medications or other medicines that you take regularly.

A Flexible Outfit

If you tend to bring too many clothes, how about packing an everyday outfit or a flexible dress? Pick something that you can wear for most occasions or easily pair up with other clothes that you are wearing.

With any luck, you will only need two or three sets of clothes that you can mix around to create a new outfit.

Toiletry Kit

Skincare & hygiene care does not stop when your vacation starts. Bring any skincare goods in travel-sized bottles so that you can bring them into your flight. Feel free to bring your sunscreen, moisturizer & hair conditioner too. You can also bring a few extra tampons or menstrual pads in your toiletry bag so you are not caught short.