Travelling is one of the great pleasures of life. Few things can be more enjoyable than packing your bag while knowing that you’re heading to one of the world’s best cities. However, you can enhance your travel experience by opting to choose a certain time of the year.

London is beautiful in summer, autumn, winter and spring. But spring has its own beauty, a different facet that will give the city an entirely different look. It is as if you were seeing London through a colourful and vibrant filter that enhances your experience with the sweet smell of flowers that blossom all around the city.

The perfect time to enjoy a warm cup of tea in the terrace, and walk around with a light sweater on. Unlike winter, when you better wrap yourself up and endure the weight of your clothes on your shoulders. Or summer, when you better prepare yourself with light clothes that will not become see-through with the inevitable sweat that accompanies hot summer days.

Spring offers the perfect scenario to delight in this ancient city.

International Women’s Day Celebration

Support women’s rights in this increasingly growing march. The march starts in Oxford Street and ends in Trafalgar Square. It only takes place one day out of the year, so it is definitely a way of having your voice heard in this important matter.

The Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race

The race consists of two goats – one that represents Oxford and the other Cambridge – to see which one wins in a race around Spitalfields City Farm. It is a fun day where there’s drinks, bands and goat related stuff that will bring out inevitable laughter.

Tea Outdoors

The British are famous for their tea. You can, obviously, drink tea any time of the year. But one thing is drinking it to stay warm in freezing temperatures and another one is being able to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you with a classic Earl Grey cup of warm tea in a beautiful terrace surrounded by blossoming flowers.

St Patrick’s Day

The day when the city turns green. Outside of Ireland, London is the best place to be if you want to have the best time of your life in this joyful, booze-filled, celebration day.

Become Irish for a day and witness one of the greenest celebrations in the world. Accommodation can get tricky during the festive days, but there are wonderful options, find a London apartment rental and make the most out of your stay.

Craft Beer Festival

In a city that is famous for pubs and beer drinking, you can’t miss the opportunity to feast in the UK’s biggest craft beer festival, where 155 breweries are present to delight guests with every imaginable type of beer. Enjoy street food, music, dancing and more. The Craft Beer Festival is it a must-go-to event that no beer fan should miss.

Bottomless Margarita Festival

For those whose drink is not beer, there’s also the best margarita mixology festival taking place on May 5th in East London. The city brings together 15 of finest drinking establishments for the tequila cocktail tournament. As well as drinks, you can enjoy live music, drinks and a night to remember.