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Located in the heart of the most popular French wine region, Bordeaux is a beautiful port city full of wonders that need to be seen at least once in a lifetime. It is a surprising town that you can find in the south-west of France. If you plan to travel in that region, you can be sure to be...
There are many types of travellers traversing their way around the planet. The ways in which we can travel can be a wide spectrum from sleeping on dirt floors in Katmandu to luxury mattresses hanging off the sides of cliffs with the most expensive caviar waiting for you to arrive. The adrenaline rush traveller is a particular breed of...
Going on a vacation is refreshing. It helps you relax better; it eases your worries and lets you enjoy other things. It gives you peace, new experiences, new friends, and even new love. Traveling should not be stressful; otherwise, it will not serve its real purpose. Occasionally, there are uncontrollable events and scenarios that you will encounter along your journey....
Covering the southeast corner of France and stretching along the Mediterranean coast, the French Riviera, also called Cote d'Azur, is said to be the most beautiful place in Europe. With a selection of luxurious french riviera rentals, a thriving arts and culture scene and a rich history dating back to the Greek and Romans, the Cote d’Azur has it...


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